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Vitality & Freshness Daily Close Shaving Gel with Biotherm Homme’s unique ProComfort Technology. This automatic foaming gel gives the day a fresh start with a cool, revitalizing shave.

– Specially formulated for sensitive skin.
– Tested under dermatological control.
– A tri-active formula to relieve men after shaving: enriched with L. Digitata & Zinc, Allantoin and Life Plankton
– Fragrance: all our shaving products benefit from a woody base with a cedar and sandalwood scent that is associated with is with top notes of citrus and mint.

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Biotherm Homme, the first skin care range especially created for men skin. Since 2015, Biotherm Homme is the worldwide number one best-selling premium skin care brand for men.

Biotherm uses ingredients from deep waters. Microalgae and plankton have powerful properties that contribute to beautiful and healthy skin. The products of Biotherm have a pleasant texture and make your skin a little healthier and stronger every day. In addition to skin care, Biotherm offers a range of sun products and an extensive line for men.