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NEW LA Whey Gold is THE premium whey protein shake, providing 100% PURE protein, as used by the world’s top athletes. Just one serving of LA Whey Gold delivers 50g of premium grade whey protein concentrate, isolate and milk isolate for immediate and longer-term absorption into your muscles, to aid muscle mass growth and muscle recovery and repair.

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World’s No.1 Luxury Sports Supplements Company Award winning supplements and Premium Service

Established in 1997, LA Muscle is a privately owned British ethical sports nutrition company based in London, England, supplying luxury premium-grade sports supplements which are used by celebrities, sports stars as well as ordinary men and women who want the best. LA Muscle supplements are used by people in over 100 countries around the world.

Specialists in muscle building and fat loss formulas since 1997.

LA Whey Gold is the best protein your money can buy, giving you lean gains with no bloating

  • New formula with fast & slow release protein and Isolates
  • 50g of Premium Protein per serving
  • Triple filtrated, Pharma Grade, highest Biological Value