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For anyone looking to increase growth compound levels such as Testosterone, then look no further. Testo 250 is natural herb extract of the strongest Bulgarian “super” Tribulus Terrestris, with extremely high saponins levels. This is the strongest Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris you can get from a very particular crop grown in an exclusive region – hence the sheer strength and uniqueness of it.

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World’s No.1 Luxury Sports Supplements Company Award winning supplements and Premium Service

Established in 1997, LA Muscle is a privately owned British ethical sports nutrition company based in London, England, supplying luxury premium-grade sports supplements which are used by celebrities, sports stars as well as ordinary men and women who want the best. LA Muscle supplements are used by people in over 100 countries around the world.

Specialists in muscle building and fat loss formulas since 1997.

Testo 250 is a powerful 100% natural herb-based supplement, designed to:

  • Increase male hormones such as Testosterone naturally without any side effects
  • Increase strength and lean muscle mass
  • Increase training intensity and motivation
  • Used by many for libido and sexual energy

Testo 250 is an easy to take Pharma Grade Testosterone booster from a very particular crop, harvested at a specific time of year and it will naturally and dramatically increase Testosterone levels; a hormone essential for building muscle mass, maintaining muscle size, increasing stamina and strength.